About Me

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

Today I realized that being a makeup artist is not just that. Yes I’m artistic with  makeup. That’s the easy part. But every single time I walk into a house or someone walks into mine I’m without fail uplifted. Every single time. Whether we have a good laugh, I  learn a tip or even a life lesson, or i teach one back, listen to a story, become a shoulder to cry on, admire someones life or feel lucky for mine…I am a better person after each appointment. And I know this for sure: making people beautiful is way more serious than I thought. It means that I need to carry a little bit of love in my makeup bag. And when i change the look on the outside, I am changing the look on the inside as well. And it changes me. So if I have already met u, and held a brush to your cheek, I thank u since I am sure you’ve taught me something. If I haven’t met u yet, I look forward to it one day, when I’m sure it will be great for both of us.  And that is why its Jen LOVE and makeup.

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